What is Gel Nail Polish

Walking into any nail salon for a manicure involves making a lot of decisions. You may have heard about a new type of Nail Polish, and you may be wondering to yourself, “Just what is gel nail polish for nails?” Although it might sound completely foreign, Gel Nail Polish is easy to explain and use, but there are some things you should be aware of before you head to the salon.

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Gel Nail Polish is a type of polish that lasts much longer than traditional Acrylic Nail Polish. In fact, Gel Polish For Nails can last for three or more weeks, even with frequent washings. The polish gets it durability from the process used to set it. When you go into the salon, the manicurist will first buff your nails. This allows the gel to adhere strongly to the nail. After buffing the nail, the gel will be applied to the nail. During this step, the gel can be sculpted onto the nail, meaning your nails will look perfect every time. The magical part of Gel Nail Polish comes next, when an ultraviolet light is used to “set” the gel. This step ensures that your nails will look like a movie star’s for weeks.

Companies such as OPI, Harmony, and CalGel make Gel Nail Polish in hundreds of colors, so you don’t need to worry about flexibility when you opt for this style of manicure. Of course, you should be aware that Gel Polish For Nails is hard to get off even when you want to! Some nail salons will simply tell you to soak your hand in acetone for up to 15 minutes when it comes time to take the polish off. Make sure you choose a good, reputable salon and Gel Nail Polish may be the perfect option for you.

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