What is Crackle polish and How to Make Crackle Nail Polish?

Crackle Nail Polish is now coming back in the fashion world and is gaining its popularity among teenage girls and business women as well. The Nail Polish would look like having a nail polish cracked permanently and gives off two colors that would make a girl’s or women’s fingers stand out. It is a trend because most teens now are having fun with the keeping their nails have its own unique style and are really into making their own designs. There are salons that offer these services with the use of LED Nail Lamps or UV Nail Lamp for that edgier look over other nail styles and designs.


For those teens and ladies who are into styling their nails, they can have some instructions on how to make Crackle Nail Polish with just using an ordinary polish and a Crackle Polish that can be purchased individually. They just have to get their own set of colors that they want with their polish and also have the color that will match it perfectly. It is just easy to make Crackle Nail Polish, by just having the perfect base polish that will complement the crackle color will bring out the best style for your fingers.


The first step will be polishing your nails with the base color that you want. It is recommended that for making it at home, you choose the color that you want to wear for a long time. This way, you can easily maintain the color in your fingers in case some of it chips off after a few days. After you have applied the base coat, the next process will be applying a thin layer of the Crackle Polish on the base coat. The thinner the coat the better, it will make the crackle coat have its perfect crack design while it dries.

Before even it totally dries up, girls can make sure that it will last for a long time if it will be coated with a clear polish or a clear polish with glitters in it. That sparkling finish can be easily achieved with choosing to coat it with a clear polish. Stylishness and trendiness are easy to achieve with just having the right color used and the right amount of crack designs in it. To have the right color and make it dry up and last for a long time will be the answer for having nail designs that are unique and girly.

Don’t hesitate and make beautiful Crackle Nail Polish with LED Nail Curing Lamp fast and easy in the comfort of your home.

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