The Best Gift for her – 12 Watt LED Nail Dryer

Looking for fast LED nail curing lamp? Maybe you want to earn few extra bucks and you manicure nails of your friends. Even if you need powerful LED Nail Dryer, you want to be environmental friendly? Well, this one is perfect for you.

12_Watt_LED_Nail_DryerAdvantages of this product:

Time is very important

We all agree that »Time is money«! So, quicker the LED nail lamp is, more costumers you can service. This 12 Watt LED Nail Dryer have positioned high-powered LED bulbs specifically for curing thumbs. So you don’t neet to cure thumbs separately and so you will cut your curing time on half.

User friendly

Simple interface to manage countdowns and timer settings. Pre-programmed times 30, 60, 90 seconds are very handy. So you will not waste your time with timer settings.


Power is most important if you want to create consistently perfect cure. This 12 Watt LED Nail Dryer is equipped with high-powered LED bulbs. This is the reason why is this nail curing lamp fastest and most powerful.


The normal life is 35000-50000 hours.

Certificate: FCC, CE, ROHS

You get:

1 * Hot Sale 12 Watt LED Nail Dryer
1 * DC Adapter
1 * User Manual

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