Pro 36W LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp

The PRO 36W LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp is a must-have accessory for any beauty enthusiast who wants the opportunity to be able to use Nail Acrylic’s within a home environment. While the device is not suited for commercial environments, such as professional beauty salons, it is perfect for anybody who wants to save bag loads of cash by doing their nails themselves. In fact, the device currently retails for less than $50, which would the price for 2 or 3 trips to the local beauty salon. In recent times, more and more consumers have been doing their nails themselves, because it allows them to do the nails their way, at a much more affordable price. You don’t need to be an expert to use the PRO LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp, and that’s a guarantee.

Features-wise, the PRO LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp boasts environmental protection through the use of a LED light. Because the light is LED as opposed to UV, there’s no harmful substances entering the body at any point. In addition, the LED bulb is energy-saving that requires low power and helps to cut down on the electricity bills. It produces no heat and never heats up at all. It has a very long life-span of almost 50,000 hours, which will guarantee that you should never need to replace it. It’s light and unbreakable and completely portable, meaning you can take it around with you on trips. It has a fast dry time through the use of LED nail gel. In fact, the dry time is between 10 and 30 seconds, which is what you could expect from a product much higher in price.

As a one-stop device, it offers all the features, tools and specifications that you would need for home and personal use. For commercial environments, it may be wise to purchase something a bit more expensive.

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