Nail Manicure using LED Nail Dryer

For many years, women have had the big dilemma. It’s the big date, and time is running out. And everything seems ok, but time to paint those nails. Unfortunately, they have to dry. And it takes a long, long time. Recent advances in technology have made this process faster, quicker and more efficient The process of having a nail manicure using LED Nail Curing Lamp is quite simple, and it involves using gel polish. Once the polish is on, the LED Nail Dryer are used and the polish hardens, giving a nice pretty professional look.

LED Nail Dryer

In the past, there was the heat lamp. When your manicure is done but next it is time to dry them with the heat lamp. Using a UV Lamp is quicker, for sure, than the traditional wait and wait method. The UV method, however has its drawbacks. It uses mercury, which is harmful to the environment, not to mention how harmful it is to the skin and body. Mercury has been known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Using heat lamps also uses lots of energy.

Using the LED Nail Curing Lamps has many advantages. First off, it is much quicker than both heat lamps and the wait for it to dry method. So nails dry faster, and upon drying there is no cracking. That is a significant improvement over other methods. It is also better for the environment, especially when it relates to UV heat lamps. Another significant advantage of LED Nail Lamps is that it doesn’t produce heat. That is better for the skin in that it won’t dry out the skin around the nails. Many salons are going towards LED Nail Dryers, and many manicurists swear by them. In time, most salons will go with this technology. And it will benefit not only the salons, but the consumers as well.

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