MelodySusie High Quality 48W LED Nail Dryer CURING Light

If you are looking for cheap professional LED nail CURING lamp, you just find one!
Probably you ask yourself, why I’m so coinfident that MelodySusie High Quality 48W LED Nail Dryer CURING Light is perfect for you? Read more and you’ii find out!

Not only that it have modern look. With this Nail dryer lamp, you can dry almost all kinds of LED GEL nail polishes.

Time setting

It have preset timing for 5s, 20s and 30s. So you can use this MelodySusie High Quality 48W LED Nail Dryer CURING Lightaccording to your needs.
LCD can show you reamining curing time too.

Durbility of lamps

High efficient LED light had life span of 5000h. This is more than enough reasons to have one to create gorgeous nails in the comfort of your home.

Other advantages of this LED nail lamp

Lightweight is very important, especally if you don’t have place in your home, or you have small kids which can damage your LED Nail Curing Lamp.

Portable is also great because usually you don’t have it permanently on one place.

Space saving is quite needy because we al know that Nail curing lamp is not only thing that you have on your desk while you create masterpiece nails.

Wider opening to fit all five fingers, saves your time. So you can cure all nails of one hand or feet at the same time.

Short version of advantages:
• The automatic sensor and the removable magnetic bottom tray design make easier to dry your fingers and feet
• No need to replace the lamps. Highly efficient LED light with a life span of 5000
• 3 Kinds of preset time controls (5s, 20s, 30s), you can choose the proper time according to your needs. Besides, LCD can show the remaining curing time
• Lightweight, portable, space-saving and wider opening to fit five fingers and feet together
• Fit for almost all kinds of LED GEL Nail Polishes

MelodySusie High Quality 48W LED Nail Dryer CURING Light is one o the best 5 star rated professional LED nail curing lamps.

If you don’t trust me, check out the comments below this cheap professional Led nail curing lamp.
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