How to make Water Marble Nail Art

Are you searching for guidelines about special design on your nails? Want to have something on your fingernails, that none of your friends have? Well, you are on the right place to discover how to make water marble nail art.

This is really easy and fun technique, that you can use to create beautiful designs.

imagesFirst of all, you should cover up and protect your skin around your nails with a scotch tape. This is because of cleaning process on the end. It will be much easier. Use a piece on the left side, the right side and at the bottom of your nail.
After you protect the skin around the nails, use a base coat to protect your natural nails.
Next step is to paint your nails white. At first do a thin coat and let it dry.
Then do a second coat and also let it dry. When the coat on your nails is dried, fill the plastic cup with the room temperature water. Make sure that water have room temperature. It’s very important!
Then choose a few color of  nail polishes of high quality brand. It should be newly bought, so they haven’t thickened.
bright-water-marble-nail-art-tutorialLeave the nail polishes bottles unscrewed, so you can work faster. Then let the drops of your chosen colors into the water. It should spread out nicely.
If don’t, adjust the temperature of the water or try with different nail polish.
Continue drop the random color polishes on to the surface of the water. Use the toothpick to make the design.
Line up the nail with the design and place it onto the water. Leave the nail under the water and gently blow at the surface for 5 to 10 seconds. This will dry the polish at the surface of the water. After that use a toothpick to remove the polish from the surface of the water.
Then you carefully remove nail from the water. Carefully remove the tape around your nail and use the cotton  buds and nail polish remover to clean the skin around the nails.

Add the top coat, to protect your beautiful design and to add some beautiful shine!

That’s it. Now you know How to make Water Marble Nail Art

Thing that is very important is the temperature of water and quality of nail polish. If you follow those instructions you will get gorgeous results and envious friend will want to have nails just like you!

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Check out video below:

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