LED Nail Curing Lamps popularity is no coincidence

There are many different types of LED Nail Curing Lamps used for curing nail polish once already applied to the finger nails. LED Nail Lamps are very useful because they have lower power consumption and do not get very hot like UV Lamps which can burn skin. They also work in under a minute to dry the polish on finger nails. Lastly they are less harmful to skin and less likely to crack the nail polish.


While nearly every LED Nail Curing Lamp will have these benefits mentioned above, there are still different kinds of LED Nail Lamps with some design features that differ from one another. Some LED Curing Lamps use only a few LED bulbs and use reflective surfaces to expose nails to the light. Others use many different bulbs lined inside the Curing Lamp. Either way there is very little power used and very little heat. For instance no matter how many bulbs, most lamps use around 12 watts of power. Also, no matter how few or many, the heat is extremely low. No burns are therefore likely to occur and no special gloves are needed to protect the hand from heat or damage.


LED Nail Curing Lamps are a great resource for nail salons and at home jobs. Being that they are usually small, lightweight, use very little power and require little or no upkeep to maintain for the life of them. They also cost very little to buy and are more likely to be a money saver for any business or home salon. Nearly every LED Nail Lamp has a lifespan measured in years even with the daily eight hour use from a business. Many of them have a 10 year warranty or expected lifespan so as to measure usefulness in the business. With all these reasons why LED Nail Curing Lamps are superior it’s no wonder they are so popular.

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