How To Use Cracked Nail polish with LED Nail Curing Lamp

The first thing to do is clarify what is Cracked Nail Polish. This is a new type of nail polish which simulates cracked nail polish. This Polish used to mean that the nail polish was old and chipped and cracked and the person wearing it would be embarrassed to keep it looking that way and would remove it as quickly as possible. However, now Cracked Nail Polish means that this cracked look will be accepted as an okay way for nails to look, as this is the intended look.

The first thing one would do to use the Cracked Nail Polish is prepare the nails in the same way they would as for any other type of polish. The nail should be clean and dry and ready for polishing. First a base coat should be applied and this will show up underneath the Cracked Polish. Then this polish should be applied in the regular way on top of the base. It should be applied in quick, clean strokes in order to cover all areas of the nail with a smooth finish.

After the Cracked Nail Polish is applied, the person should turn on the LED Nail Curing Lamp and put her fingertips under its light, ensuring the nails are properly surrounded by the Nail Dryer Lamp. Due to the special properties of Cracked Polish, the nails will not take long to dry and soon enough, the top layer of polish will appear to be cracked and expose the contrasting color underneath. The lights of the LED Nail Curing Lamp will ensure that the Nail Polish is set and ready for wear, at which point the nail lamp should be switched off and stored away for the next use.

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