How to Create Caviar Nails at Home

Nail art is a very trendy way of styling your nails with Nail Polish and some accessories that will make it look more attractive and stylish. One of the styles that you can have is Caviar Nails that are very stylish way of having their nails designed with caviar looking beads that are made with different colors. You can make sure that you are going to have an easy time of making this with just having a complete set of the basic things that you need to have. To complete these things will allow you to have an easy time of doing you’re your Nail Polish.

So to start things on How to create Caviar Nails at home, you have to put out all the needed things and make sure that your nails have undergone pedicure and that you will not do anything after this. You can have a set of colors that you want and have two coats of the polish and then pour the colorful caviar looking beads unto a nailone at a time. You should make sure that you have a container that will catch the leftover caviar looking beads that you have.

If you cannot find a container, there are sets that include a funnel and a tray that will make it easy for you to make use of the leftovers whenever you need it. After you poured the beads unto the polish, the next thing that you should do is to press all the beads to make it all secured and hardened in place. You can adjust the amount of beads that you want to have or have the design that you want with your every nail. Because you are the one who controls the flow of the beads, you can just place a certain design on it and design for your contentment.

After you have enjoyed the comments of your friends with the first set that you have, you can choose to buy a new color of manicure that can match the colors of the beads that you have. To create Caviar Nails at home will surely be fun because you can experiment with the designs. There are also sets with LED Nail Lamp that are also very trendy with nail art today, making your nails glow at night. It easy, fun and convenient, making Nail Polishing a fun and exciting activity that you and other girls will really love.

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