Create unique nails using LED Nail Curing Lamps

Can LED Nail Curing Lamps be an inexpensive way to cure your nails? Maybe, the heatless LED bulbs are supposed to never burn out and stay good for life. The unit itself however, can be rather expensive. When LED Nail Lamps first came out on the market they would cost you anywhere from $500 to $600 dollars per unit. But with a %60 less power output than traditional UV Nail Lamps, these devices may pay off sooner than you think.


LED Nail Curing Lamp

You can create unique nails using LED Nail Lamp. LED Nail Curing Lamps can be used with magnetic gel nail polish to create beautiful custom designs. There are magnetic disks that contain special magnets that are arrainged in special shapes and they react with tiny metal particles in the gels to make unique and creative shapes and designs. A magnet is held above a freshly polished, wet nail. And without touching the nail the tiny metal particles can be moved into any desired design by the magnet. Thus making unique and beautiful nail creations. When finished designing, simply place up to four fingers into the LED Nail Curing Lamp for about thirty seconds to cure fast. About half the time a traditional UV Nail Lamp requires to dry.


UV Nail Dryer

The following are some basic steps professional manacurists can take: first, you must push back the cuticles, remove any remaining fragments of nail, and make sure the fingers and nails are clean and sanitized. Second, shape the nails using a standard 100/180 grit nail file. Then with the 180 side of the file buff and remove the natural shine and dust from the nail surfaces. Next clean the nails using a nail cleansing solution and a lint free wipe. Then apply the nail prep color gloss to the nail plates, as well as the bonding gel making sure to seal all the edges. Last, place the hand into your LED Nail Curing Lamp for 10 to 30 seconds or untill dry, remove, then with a wipe or brush, remove outer shine from nails. At this point you can keep on creating or apply the finishing color coats and be done. It’s really up to you. Your fast drying, heatless, LED Nail Lamp will ensure you capture your unique creative designs with speed and comfort.


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