Pro 36W LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp

The PRO 36W LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp is a must-have accessory for any beauty enthusiast who wants the opportunity to be able to use Nail Acrylic’s within a home environment. While the device is not suited for commercial environments, such as professional beauty salons, it is perfect for anybody who wants to save bag loads of cash by doing their nails themselves. In fact, the device currently retails for less than $50, which would the price for 2 or 3 trips to the local beauty salon. In recent times, more and more consumers have been doing their nails themselves, because it allows them to do the nails their way, at a much more affordable price. You don’t need to be an expert to use the PRO LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp, and that’s a guarantee.

Features-wise, the PRO LED Nail Acrylic UV Gel Lamp boasts environmental protection through the use of a LED light. Because the light is LED as opposed to UV, there’s no harmful substances entering the body at any point. In addition, the LED bulb is energy-saving that requires low power and helps to cut down on the electricity bills. It produces no heat and never heats up at all. It has a very long life-span of almost 50,000 hours, which will guarantee that you should never need to replace it. It’s light and unbreakable and completely portable, meaning you can take it around with you on trips. It has a fast dry time through the use of LED nail gel. In fact, the dry time is between 10 and 30 seconds, which is what you could expect from a product much higher in price.

As a one-stop device, it offers all the features, tools and specifications that you would need for home and personal use. For commercial environments, it may be wise to purchase something a bit more expensive.

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Best UV Nail Dryer

Professional manicures and pedicures are a treat for women of all ages, however they can truly put a drain on the wallet to maintain an elegant appearance. For years, women have been trying to replicate the results of professional nail-care workers at home with little success. Women will spend hours trying to create the perfect nail designs and patterns, only to watch in dismay as they smudge off quickly because they have not dried properly. Nail Polish goes everywhere: the couch, the carpet, the coffee table, even the dog. In frustration, these enterprising women find themselves back at the nail spa once again, spending even more money with their almost-full bottles of nail polish sitting dejected in a bottom bathroom cabinet.

UV Nail Dryer

These days are long gone. Technology has advanced to the point where professional nail care is an attainable solution at home. With the aid of ultraviolet light and light emitting diodes, scientists and researchers have created an easy, quick way to prevent the disastrous results of attempting to blow dry or air dry nails while sitting on the couch, in the bathtub, or at the kitchen table. The best UV LED Nail Dryer solution is one that is built out of durable ABS plastic and has quality light emitting diodes, or LEDs. These devices can cut the drying time for nails down exponentially, drastically reducing drying times from five or ten minutes to under thirty seconds. These are the same devices that are in use at professional nail salons nationwide and are now at an affordable low cost.

With modern LED Drying technology, these devices will blast your painted beautiful nails with high powered ultraviolet radiation, completely harmless to the body, hardening the nails quickly and professionally. These Nail Dryers also have a smaller power draw than any air-powered solution, pulling eighty percent less power from outlets, saving you on energy costs. These devices come in a number of cool, hip styles and are small enough to be carried in a purse or handbag, or even in the glove box of a vehicle. The best UV LED Nail Dryers are a must for any woman on the go.


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What is Gel Nail Polish

Walking into any nail salon for a manicure involves making a lot of decisions. You may have heard about a new type of Nail Polish, and you may be wondering to yourself, “Just what is gel nail polish for nails?” Although it might sound completely foreign, Gel Nail Polish is easy to explain and use, but there are some things you should be aware of before you head to the salon.

60 Pcs Trendy Nail Polish Nail Lacquers – Combo Set

Gel Nail Polish is a type of polish that lasts much longer than traditional Acrylic Nail Polish. In fact, Gel Polish For Nails can last for three or more weeks, even with frequent washings. The polish gets it durability from the process used to set it. When you go into the salon, the manicurist will first buff your nails. This allows the gel to adhere strongly to the nail. After buffing the nail, the gel will be applied to the nail. During this step, the gel can be sculpted onto the nail, meaning your nails will look perfect every time. The magical part of Gel Nail Polish comes next, when an ultraviolet light is used to “set” the gel. This step ensures that your nails will look like a movie star’s for weeks.

Companies such as OPI, Harmony, and CalGel make Gel Nail Polish in hundreds of colors, so you don’t need to worry about flexibility when you opt for this style of manicure. Of course, you should be aware that Gel Polish For Nails is hard to get off even when you want to! Some nail salons will simply tell you to soak your hand in acetone for up to 15 minutes when it comes time to take the polish off. Make sure you choose a good, reputable salon and Gel Nail Polish may be the perfect option for you.

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Nail Manicure using LED Nail Dryer

For many years, women have had the big dilemma. It’s the big date, and time is running out. And everything seems ok, but time to paint those nails. Unfortunately, they have to dry. And it takes a long, long time. Recent advances in technology have made this process faster, quicker and more efficient The process of having a nail manicure using LED Nail Curing Lamp is quite simple, and it involves using gel polish. Once the polish is on, the LED Nail Dryer are used and the polish hardens, giving a nice pretty professional look.

LED Nail Dryer

In the past, there was the heat lamp. When your manicure is done but next it is time to dry them with the heat lamp. Using a UV Lamp is quicker, for sure, than the traditional wait and wait method. The UV method, however has its drawbacks. It uses mercury, which is harmful to the environment, not to mention how harmful it is to the skin and body. Mercury has been known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Using heat lamps also uses lots of energy.

Using the LED Nail Curing Lamps has many advantages. First off, it is much quicker than both heat lamps and the wait for it to dry method. So nails dry faster, and upon drying there is no cracking. That is a significant improvement over other methods. It is also better for the environment, especially when it relates to UV heat lamps. Another significant advantage of LED Nail Lamps is that it doesn’t produce heat. That is better for the skin in that it won’t dry out the skin around the nails. Many salons are going towards LED Nail Dryers, and many manicurists swear by them. In time, most salons will go with this technology. And it will benefit not only the salons, but the consumers as well.

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Generally about Gel Nail Kits

Who says you have to go out to get your nails done? The same results can essentially be found in Gel Nail Kits at home. You may be curious when it comes to knowing all about nail kits because picking out the perfect Nail Kit can be quite the quest for anyone. With so many brands, styles and types on the market at any given time the options are seemingly endless. With a little research and attention to detail you can find the Gel Nail Kit that will have you looking hot, fresh and in style.

Professional Gel Nail Polish Kit with LED Lamp

Don’t be fooled by the bargain brands claiming to give the same results as the salon. Honestly, if it’s a deal too good to be true, it probably is! Examples would include a product that is designed for inexperienced young girls to use, such as simple stamping systems or plain stickers. The cheapest deals tend to be the worst when it comes to cosmetics. This applies even for Nails. You can typically search a specific brand online and read reviews from other consumers who have already tried the product out. This ensures that you’re getting what you have put your money into. Also some kits come with all the tools and polish, which is most recommended when giving yourself a proper manicure. Every step is worth it.

Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Lamp

A manicure can be a intimidating process at first, especially for a beginner. Practice makes perfect in this case, so if you fail at first do not give up! Before even using your kit for nails you will need to clip your nails and file the edges smooth. Some Nail Kits come with fake nails, but these also need a smoothing file after applying the nails to achieve a natural look. Then you will push your cuticles back and remove any dry cuticles. After that you can apply 1 – 3 coats of polish. The amount of coats all depends on the brand of polish and intensity of color desired. Finish up with a high quality top coat and your manicure is done!
If you decide to get Gel Nail Kit for yourself or as a gift to a friend, I highly recommend that you get one which include UV Nail Lamp or LED Nail Curing Lamp.

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Best Gel Nail Kits For Home Use

Women are always looking for ways to save on salon services with the latest craze of nail art, colors, and polishes,so it’s imortant to know, how and which of LED Nail Curing Lamp to use for better results at home. Recent inquiries as a standard nail salon proved that the price of gel nail color is upwards of $30.00 or more additional charge to a regular manicure or pedicure. What is so special about it? Why the outrageous cost? And why not do it at home?

Gel Nail Polish Starter Kits

Gel Nail Polish is one of the more recent nail crazes, it is more tedious than your average Nail Polish and requires a little more instruction, but it is said to last up to 3 weeks without chipping. Also, the benefits of Gel Nail Polish are said to increase the health and strength of your own nails preventing snags, chips, and breaks. It is applied in stages, thin layer after thin layer with LED Nail Lamp in between to help it dry, leaving your nails solid and painted for up to 3 weeks.

There are several at Home Gel Nail Polish Starter Kits, but some reviews are less promising than others. Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Starter Kit with Portable LED Nail Light, found at is fairly priced and with promising reviews, a good starter kit of an at home gel polish manicure. Priced at $60.00 (plus shipping), this is what you would probably spend regularly at the salon for the same service, but a one-time cost now it can be done for the comforts of home and saving money in the long run. Of one is looking for a more “standard salon version” the Opi Axxium Gel System- Intro Kit can be found at Amazon, for $95.00, however the kit does not include the portable UV light dryer. However still, the Red Carpet kit is the most reasonable with more included, and at a more reasonable cost.

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Cheap professional LED Nail Curing Lamps

Cheap Professional LED Nail Curing Lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes and also a wide range in prices. The use of these LED Nail Curing Lamps is relatively new on the market and is rapidly becoming a popular treatment.

Harmony Gelish LED Professional Light 6G

The LED or Light Emitting Diodes in these devices works to cure or harden the paint more quickly. This is important because during the generally slow curing process it is possible to dent the paint on the nails, which will lead to less shine in the paint and a lower overall quality of the paint going on.

Nail Harmony Gelish 18G LED Lamp

Though these devices are very high tech, they are also very safe and easy to use. There is no prior knowledge necessary to operate one of these. Among the bests LED Nail Curing Lamps for home use would be the Nail Harmony Gelish 18G LED Lamp. It can be found for about $290 online and will provide a near professional quality. It comes equipped with an LED display to show the cure times and contains 2-watt LED Lights. For a slightly lower price of $240 the Harmony Gelish Professional 6G Light. This light includes 6-5watt LED Lights.


If these first two lamps are a bit out of your price range you can find these lamps for as low as $30. A lamp with the best reviews in this price range would be the M.S 36W Nail UV Lamp it can be found on for $36.99. Among some of the features of this lamp include a highly efficient PL UVA bulb for faster, and safer cooling. Auto timer control, and not only can it be used to cure both finger nails, but toe nails as well. This particular model is also extremely compact and has a built in surge protector and over voltage protector to ensure your safety.


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Create unique nails using LED Nail Curing Lamps

Can LED Nail Curing Lamps be an inexpensive way to cure your nails? Maybe, the heatless LED bulbs are supposed to never burn out and stay good for life. The unit itself however, can be rather expensive. When LED Nail Lamps first came out on the market they would cost you anywhere from $500 to $600 dollars per unit. But with a %60 less power output than traditional UV Nail Lamps, these devices may pay off sooner than you think.


LED Nail Curing Lamp

You can create unique nails using LED Nail Lamp. LED Nail Curing Lamps can be used with magnetic gel nail polish to create beautiful custom designs. There are magnetic disks that contain special magnets that are arrainged in special shapes and they react with tiny metal particles in the gels to make unique and creative shapes and designs. A magnet is held above a freshly polished, wet nail. And without touching the nail the tiny metal particles can be moved into any desired design by the magnet. Thus making unique and beautiful nail creations. When finished designing, simply place up to four fingers into the LED Nail Curing Lamp for about thirty seconds to cure fast. About half the time a traditional UV Nail Lamp requires to dry.


UV Nail Dryer

The following are some basic steps professional manacurists can take: first, you must push back the cuticles, remove any remaining fragments of nail, and make sure the fingers and nails are clean and sanitized. Second, shape the nails using a standard 100/180 grit nail file. Then with the 180 side of the file buff and remove the natural shine and dust from the nail surfaces. Next clean the nails using a nail cleansing solution and a lint free wipe. Then apply the nail prep color gloss to the nail plates, as well as the bonding gel making sure to seal all the edges. Last, place the hand into your LED Nail Curing Lamp for 10 to 30 seconds or untill dry, remove, then with a wipe or brush, remove outer shine from nails. At this point you can keep on creating or apply the finishing color coats and be done. It’s really up to you. Your fast drying, heatless, LED Nail Lamp will ensure you capture your unique creative designs with speed and comfort.


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