About The LED Nail Lamps

The LED Nail Lamps are not used for illuminating but rather as beatification of the nails. The LED Nail Lamps come in handy right after one has had a manicure. The nails are done then exposed to the Lamps which with further integrate the gel to make it firmer resulting to a smooth looking surface. The maximum exposure time is normally one minute. The time of exposure would differ depending on the density of the gel used. One should however check with the specifications provided by a manufacturer of one particular brand to avoid the don’ts and  follow the do when one is using the Lamp.

The basic principle here is making the color that you have just applied cohesive to the base of the nail. A standard exposure of three more minutes produces perfected results. When the LED Nail Lamps are compared to those using spectrum light such as infrared and ultraviolet, the LED Nail Lamps are found to be superior.

When they are used against color of the same density, they are found to get the color stabilized by half  the time ultraviolet and infrared would take. These also explain why they have a higher price tag when they are compared to the other two. They also pose no health risk when they are used. This is because the light wavelengths are strong enough to work on the paint but mild in a way that they wouldn’t result to any burn even when the  skin is  exposed to their light under a longer duration than required.

When it comes to their battery life, they are found to have maintained their charge at 45,000 hours when used continuously. Naturally, the wavelength would deteriorate  in frequency as the battery weakens and this is the reason as to why you have  to change the batteries regularly.

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