A Review of NOVA LED Nail Curing Lamps Brand

LED Nail Curing Lamps are among the most popular lighting solutions in the current market. NOVA LED Nail Lamp design is manufactured to facilitate curing of Gel Manicures.


This lamp is designed with features that make it possible for a thumb to fit in it. Thus, typical curing of Gel Manicure becomes easy and faster than when compared to curing thumbs separately. Features of this product include the following;

  •   It has three timer modes which are 10, 20 and 30 seconds.
  •   It comes with an automated Infrared On sensor
  •   There is no need o f curing a thumb separately since it accommodates it fully.
  •   It has a LED life of 35,000 to 50,000 hour LED life (4 – 6 years of continuous operation or 700,000 ~ 1 million manicures!)

This product is among the most innovative LED Nail Curing Lamps available in the current market. It is built well and with properties that gives it longer life while still serving the intended purpose. The crescent shape of NOVA LED Nail Light enables it to cure four fingers at a go enabling you to save time. Its curing time depends of several factors such as the gel brand, color and the sealer. It is available in a several local and online outlets. Price may differ depending on the outlet from which you buy this brand of LED Nail Curing Lamps and cost of additional services such as the shipping.

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